5 Business Types Not Ready for Social Media

I remember a time ago when the marketing innovators were high-fiving the ability to send fax messages automatically and en masse. You could key in a bank of fax numbers, load your fax message, go home for the day, and revel in the comfort of knowing that your missive would soon land in the hands of a populace with an unquenchable thirst for your product. (more…)

Beware the Ides of March, and Beware of Being Unlikeable!

Many have stated that they don’t care whether people like them or not. With that attitude they will certainly get their wish.

News flash for the “I don’t care if you like me” crowd. You are making things much harder than they need to be. Humans instinctively prefer to deal with likeable people. So, when you find yourself on the losing end of contest between a seemingly equal combatant, you might ask yourself if your `likeability` played a role.