If you’d like to appear on the Marketing Pulpit Show. There are several options to get involved.

Join the Discussion

Your opinion matters! Call 1-800-450-7876 to chime in on any of the topics discussed during the show. At the end of your , viewpoint, take a few seconds to announce your product, service, organization, book, or event.
Limited slots per show.




To engage you should tune in no later than 10:30 am and you’ll have an opportunity to chime in after 10:40 am. 

There is no fee for this appearance.


Be an Industry Expert

We occasionally invite industry experts to support certain topics that we discuss on the show (contextualized subject matter). For that purpose, we’d be happy to include your or your organization to our list of potential guests and will contact you if a particular topic comes up related to your industry. There is no guarantee when we might call. It could be within a month or within a year. Send us a note with your request and explain why you’d be a great guest!  There is no fee for this appearance.

Promote Your Service, Book or Event

For more specific appearance and time-sensitive date requests, such as to promote an event, book, product or service, you can schedule your appearance using the link below:
There is a promotional fee for this appearance.

The Marketing Pulpit is here to engage the community by promoting its businesses, hiring its people, and solving its problem. Add your voice to the chorus and your organization to the offering!