Smarter than the Boss - eBook

  • Regardless of how many degrees or certificates you have, there are some things you can learn only by being on the job. Smarter than the Boss by Robert Gatewood, MBA is a compilation of essays that shorten the on-the-job training curve for employees, employers and the self-employed. The book provides a birds-eye-view into workday challenges of office decorum, politics, upward mobility, ethics, finances, equality, and more. It tackles the possibility of your having to report your comings-and-goings to someone younger than you, less technologically savvy than you, less experienced than you, less credentialed than you. Among other lessons the book addresses the question of what do you do when you have a supervisor who, in spite of all of his/her excellent qualities, is not as good as you are at what you do. Finally it answers that all important question, What do you do when you feel you are smarter than the boss?