If you are not sure what you can do for me on my birthday, let me make it easy for you. Hold the cards, soap-on-roap, fattening cakes, and gratuitous quotes . Instead, you can do the following for me: (It’s an acronym for B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y.)

Be Bold – Stop playing it so safe. Don’t fear failure. Fear stagnation instead.

Inspire – Encourage others; be their cheerleader; help shield them from the forces of negativity

Resist – Fight the forces of evil and bigotry wherever they raise their ugly heads. Sharpen your sword, polish your shield  and join the battle.

Think – Don’t follow the crowd, regardless of your view. If you find yourself in the crowd, then,  go around it; soar above it; tunnel under it; and if necessary give it a moment to pass! 

Hold on – Be steadfast; don’t fold when times get tough. Hold on to your beliefs, sometimes that’s the only thing you’ll have to keep you going.

Dream – Think big; create something that’s never been built; do something that’s never been done. Know that possibilities are infinite. 

Act – Do something, do it today! Don’t be a procrastinator or perfectionist. An imperfect mile on time, is better than a perfect inch that’s late. 

Yearn – Have a desire for something that’s greater than what you can accomplish alone. If what you yearn for can be done by yourself, you have set the bar too low. Yearn to change the world for the better, then go out and find the pieces and people to make it into a reality!

-Robert Gatewood