Gatewood Moderates Forum at Bethune-Dubois Institute

bridging-the-communications-divideOn Sept. 22,2015 BDI hosted an important forum, BRIDGING THE COMMUNICATION DIVIDE,  at Veterans Plaza in downtown Silver Spring.

The event, which was moderated by MPI’s Robert Gatewood, included panelists, President Obama appointee and FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn along with Karen Cheeks, CEO of Cheeks Communications.



Commissioner Clyburn, Robert Gatewoood and Karen Cheeks

The Bethune-DuBois Institute (BDI) is a nonprofit-organization founded by Dr. C. DeLores Tucker for the purpose of helping students and young adults achieve both a quality education and leadership development guidance.

One way of doing this is to host solution-oriented public policy forums on critical issues in the arenas of health, education, economics, culture or politics.

Don’t miss the next segment of this important forum featuring Commissioner Clyburn. We’ll inform you first, here at the Marketing Pulpit.

MPI Announces NEW Disability and Senior Show

ray-bwMarketing Pulpit International is proud to announce the addition of its latest radio show.

Sight ‘n Vision is a weekly 30 minute radio show heard every Friday at 3:00 DST on BlogTalk Radio. The target demographic is persons living with disabilities and senior citizens who may experience age-related limitations.

Ray Raysor, the host, who has been blind for over fifty years brings to the listening audience guests who actively live with a disability and share as professionals in the industry or from their personal experience.

“The show is edutainment” says host Ray Raysor. We educate and entertain.


Move Over Shark Tank, Make Room for Piranha Tank

If you like the show Shark Tank, you’ll love Piranha Tank. Christopher King will join the MPI-DC crew to discuss.

“Be in the live studio audience at the Piranha Tank”  July 31st at 2pm.

 See the Piranha Investors chew up opportunities for triple bottom line investments in our community.”

If you like Shark Tank, you will love the Piranha Tank – Piranhas are investors with a higher purpose.

– See more at:

MPI Announces New Economic Literacy Show Featuring Dr. Florita Bell Griffin and Leon Gatewood

thMarketing Pulpit International is please to announce the addition of its latest show , The Little Flower Literacy and Economics Radio Show. The show features Dr. Florita Bell Griffin of Houston Texas and Leon Gatewood, founder of the non-profit HOLLA! located in Morven, NC.  The show will address the connection between illiteracy, economics and communities.

Since reading, arithmetic and writing skills have long been core requisites for getting a decent education and securing a good job, the show is perfectly aligned with the Marketing Pulpit’s overarching mission of “building businesses, creating jobs and securing economic foundation in our community.”

The first airing of the 30-minute show is scheduled for July 9, 2015 from 10:30-11:00 AM CDT (11:30 EST). To listen to the show, click here!

Has Google “Un-Friended” You?

mpi-logo-mike-2wJoin Gatewood, Alena7 and Maxwell on July 10th as they discuss whether your website has fallen out of favor with Google.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, or said out loud, “I want my website to come up on Google,” then you are not alone. If you’ve ever wondered why it doesn’t come up on Google, it could be because you are not keeping with what it takes to stay on Google.

This past spring Google announced that it would favor sending traffic to websites that are mobile-friendly. If your website is not easily readable on smartphones and tablets, Google just might kick you to  the curb (if it hasn’t already.)

While that’s not the only criteria that keeps you in Google’s favor, it’s pretty big one. It’s also a big one for your company since 30% of your website’s total traffic may be coming from Google.

Take this test to see if your website is mobile-friendly.

Gatewood Speaks on Charleston, Hate-filled Messaging and the Confederate Flag

During robertlgatewood-3in a Special Edition show on June 19th, Gatewood  discussed the horrific massacre of  innocent church-goers by a racist murderer in Charleston, SC.

Among the victims was Gatewood’s classmate, Myra Thompson (Livingstone College), as well as fraternity brother, Daniel Simmons (Phi Beta Sigma).

Several callers chimed in to speak their minds including special guest, Minister Curtis Gatewood.

Gatewood opened the show with a perspective on how media has been used historically to incite violence. (Below)

To hear full show, click here!

MPI-NY Concludes Discussion of Economic Inequality

Tune in Monday, June 22 at 10:30 am as MPI-NY host Dennis Shipman addresses the topic of economic inequality in America. The episode will conclude a 5 part series on the subject, covering the historic, cultural, racial and economic dimensions of income inequality. Note: The June 15 edition of the show has been cancelled, as Dennis is unavailable.

Recent pertinent documentaries such as 740 Park Avenue and Inequality for All are referenced in the discussion. The show will explain what solutions are possible to reduce or eliminate such inequality, given the dynamics behind its rise and expansion.

This is a program you don’t want to miss, so set your calendar and tune in for an exciting show. Can’t catch the live show? A podcast will be available immediately after the live show airs!

MPI-DC Supports the Emergence of “Emerge”

tiffany-boyleOn Friday, May 22nd MPI-DC welcomed Tiffany Boyle to discuss the DC launch of her new business magazine, Emerge the Magazine.

The following week, on Friday May 29th, Ms. Boyle will be hosting a grand kick-off celebration for the magazine at the City Club of Washington DC. The Marketing Pulpit is a proud sponsor of  the event.

For more information about the magazine and the event, please visit or call 773.377.5792.

MPI-DC and Dr. Powell Ask …. ARE YOU READY?

yolanda-powellARE YOU READY TO… Influence your sphere and impact the world? Identify your Mountain of Dominance? Attract more social media visibility & attention? Gain new prospects & attract your ideal clients? Increase your income & bank earnings? Are you ready for these things and more?

If not, then Dr. Yolanda Powell is just what the doctor ordered.  On Friday May 22nd the MPI-DC team welcomed the good Dr. Powell as she discussed PowerSpeak LIVE and her event on May 30th. For more information or to register, click here.

MPI-NC: Effective Leadership Series: “Building Your Team”

imagesOF3MFMZBJoin Sharon Tuesday, May 12, 2015, at 10:30AM (EST), as she discusses “Effective Leadership: Building Your Team”.  Her co-hosts Therapist Ira Lake and Consultant, Anthony Herring explore the questions: Is it possible to have a highly motivated, high-morale team?  Is it possible to increase positivity in the workplace?  What are the key components in building a healthy productive team?  Are management objectives necessary for building your leadership team?  TUNE IN by calling (215) 383-3872. 

1st Monday Marketing Pipeline: “Baltimore In Retrospect: Lessons Learned”

28896941_sJoin Sharon and the other MPI Hosts as she moderates MPI’s latest marketing tool, the 1st Monday Marketing Pipeline, Monday, May 4, 2015, at 8:00PM (EST).  Our guests will discuss, “Baltimore In Retrospect: Lessons Learned”. 

To participate in the call, dial 605-475-4000 and enter Pin 560041 then press #.  From the comfort of your home, interact with the MPI hosts as well as other business owners.  The 1st Monday Pipeline will flow on the first Monday of each month. Callers get a chance to introduce themselves, interact with the MPI hosts from around the country, hear guest speaker, and pose questions afterwards.