On Friday March 9th 2018 10:30 am, join the Marketing Pulpit Team of Robert Gatewood, MBA and Accountant Folasade Ayegbusi as they discuss marketing, business topics, current events, business news stories, finances and more.

Special Guest Kelvin Boston will offer tips on economic empowerment and what it takes to become moneywise. Boston is the executive producer and host of the Moneywise with Kelvin Boston public television series. The New York Times referred to Boston as an ‘outspoken voice for economic empowerment’. He will discuss his upcoming financial empowerment seminar. Mr. Boston, the Daniel A. Payne Community Development Corporation (DAPCDC), and Metropolitan AME Church team up once again for their 7th “Moneywise Financial Empowerment Tour” which is designed to guide you and your family to financial and entrepreneurial success. Click here or call (202) 331-1426 to register.

Have you ever been in a negotiation when your asking price and the offer on the table were miles apart. Much ado has been made about the actress Monique and her spat with Netflix. Was she correct to stand her ground, or did she price herself out of the market?
Tune in on Friday as special guest and promoter Lyn Boogie tackles the topic on the Marketing Pulpit. Call 1-800-450-7876 to join the discussion.

Gatewood will climb onto the Pulpit to deliver his Marketing Sermon, “3 M’s That Every Business Owner Needs to Succeed!” Gatewood will also discuss, “What Topics to Avoid and What Topics Are Safe at Networking Events.”  You can reach Gatewood at 301-839-2836 or Robert@GatewoodMBA.com

You can hear the show live at http://woldcnews.com or join the discussion by calling 1-800-450-7876.

Listen to 3/9/18 show below:


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