Tune in to the Marketing Pulpit with Robert Gatewood, MBA on Friday November 10th along with guest-host motivational extraordinaire, Dr. Willie Jolley.  The show focuses on business topics, education, inspiration, motivation and more.

Dr. Willie Jolley is a world-class, award-winning speaker, singer, best-selling author and media personality with corporate audiences that include Wal-Mart, GM, Comcast, Verizon, and others. Dr. Jolley will discuss his new book, “Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last!”  Order your copy at www.jolleymarriage.com.

When we think “veterans,” many of us have a very outdated view of the face of the U.S. military, past and present. Currently, women account for 15.3% of active-duty personnel in the U.S. military.

Tune in to the Marketing Pulpit on November 10th as Veteran Pamela Little recounts her transition from military life to a successful therapist practice. For more info, www.sensre3.com

Robert Gatewood will climb on the Pulpit and deliver  his Marketing Sermon, “Say ‘Hello’ to Technology, or Say ‘Good-bye’ to Your Company!” Contact Gatewood at 301-839-2836,  robert@gatewoodmba.com or visit www.gatewoodmarketing.com to help you get ready for 2018.

Click here to tune in or call 1-800-450-7876 to join in the lively conversations!

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