Kelsey, Gatewood and Weena

On Friday November 17th at 10:30 am, join Robert Gatewood, MBA  and the MPI Network. The team will discuss business development, social media, marketing, current events, mental health, politics, accounting, sports, breaking news stories and more.

“Is Social Media Re-Writing the Rules of Relationships?” Tune in to the show as special guest, Therapist Weena Cullins, discusses the challenges that technology and social media present to relationships. For more information, contact Ms. Cullins at

Today’s special guest-host is Kelsey Nicole Nelson who is  rising star in the world of sports broadcasting. Join Kelsey and Gatewood as they discuss the hot  sports topics of the day such as the CTE, NFL protests, Washington sports, and more.

Robert Gatewood will climb on the Pulpit and deliver  his Marketing Sermon, “Say ‘Hello’ to Technology, or Say ‘Good-bye’ to Your Company!” Contact Gatewood at 301-839-2836, or visit to help you get ready for 2018.

Click here to listen on 1450 WOL-AM  or Tunein. Call 1-800-450-7876 to join the discussion.

Hear the show below:


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