Date(s) - 03/13/14
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

BLE Suites


 How to Improve Sales – March 13th 6:30 – 8:30pm

Eventbrite - "Marketing for Winners - How to Improve Your Sales"

If you own a business, or thinking about starting one, don’t miss the valuable “Marketing for Winners” workshop.

Register today and discover what EVERY organization should know about marketing!

You’ll be inspired, informed, entertained and energized.

Gatewood delivers the ‘Marketing for Success’ workshop at the National Urban League

This workshop is the crown jewel of the “Marketing for Winners” series. It explains marketing, its importance and leaves you feeling fully equipped to market your business with confidence.

Topics Covered:
•    Who Is NOT Your Customer
•    Why Your Competitors Might Fail
•    When to Get IN & When to Get  OUT
•    Why Most Advertising Doesn’t Work
•    Sales Techniques that DO Work
•    What Your Website Can and Can’t Do
•    Does Networking Really “Work”
•    What Facebook and Twitter Are NOT
•    Why the Customer Is NOT Always Right

If hiring a marketing consultant is not in your budget, then this course is a “must!” Finally you can get the same information that was once available only to the Fortune 500 companies.
Eventbrite - "Marketing for Winners - How to Improve Your Sales"

Read What Others Have to Say About the Class

“I’m recommending this class to all my employees and business partners. It was priceless!” 
-C. Shields

“Great instructor … knowledgeable, funny, interesting and charismatic! I encourage everyone to attend this class!”
-F. Stroud

“Perfect class!”
-M. Biambo

“I have attended many of Mr. Gatewood’s seminars, and I’ve brought many of my friends. I didn’t realize that learning business success be so entertaining and fun. Love the fast pace and the humor.”
-Felicia Ruffin

-Dr. Karl Finley

“I really enjoyed the humor and fast pace.”
-Jill Smith

“Every business owner should see this presentation. Most people really don’t understand the complexities of advertising. As I sat there listening to Robert speak, I was jotting down ideas that I knew I would implement as soon as I got back to the office.”
-Hilton Davis, CEO, Diet-to-Go – Lorton, VA

“I thoroughly enjoyed every second. It was concise, informative, upbeat, at times hilarious, and well worth the time. Everything was Excellent!!”
-Lawrence C. Hacther – Temple Hills, MD

“I liked the enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject.”
-Bryan L. Wakefield

“Very informative and funny.”
-Dorothy Barton

“A must for small business owners.”
-Leon Fields, Leon’s Cleaning Service

“Mr. Gatewood’s presentation was excellent and I left the seminar well informed.”
-Angela Heard

“I feel more confident  that I’m heading in the right direction.”
-Shirley Meadows

“Really benefited from Mr. Gatewood’s expertise and advice.”
-Artheia Dingle, Precious Seed

“Very knowledgeable about the Internet and how it works for businesses.”
Rachel Westmorland

“Thanks for being one of those inspirations along the way!”

“The seminar was very informative. Not only did you make the class enjoyable, but you made it fun. The anecdotes you used to corroborate the principles you were teaching kept me laughing the whole time.”
-Kareem Aaron

“Mr. Gatewood was excellent … provided tons of info … discussions were informative as well as humorous … quick stories helped make the point and made it easy to remember.”
-Margaret Koshmider

“This guy is very good! Has great ability to communicate the ideas and the benefits!”
-Jim Koshmider

“So much information that is needed for the new business owner …. very important! Information that is normally too technical for a beginner was made easy to understand.”
-Karol Logan

“Instructor is very knowledgeable and has a lot of information.”
-Natalie Anderson

“More than worth the time invested!”
-Mildred Davis

You hear him on the radio every Friday.  Don’t be the only one to miss this rare opportunity to see Robert Gatewood … LIVE! You will be glad you did and you will be eager to tell others!

Eventbrite - "Marketing for Winners - How to Improve Your Sales"

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