On Friday Aug 30th 2019 at 10:30 am, join Robert Gatewood MBA, Dr. Charmin Anderson and Professor Stephanie Dashiell on the Marketing Pulpit radio show.   The team will development, direct mail, marketing, graphic design, social media, politics, breaking news stories and more!

At 11am, Dr. Charmin Anderson will discuss never giving up in a segment “Fighting 4 Me!” She will also discuss her new book. You can find out more about Dr. Anderson at  www.charminyanderson.com.

Professor Stephanie Dashiell will offer tips on how to engage the classroom and workshop attendees with new technologies including the Band App and more.

Gatewood will climb onto the Pulpit at 11:15 am to deliver his Marketing Sermon, “How to Make Your Business Competition-Proof.” Gatewood will also contextualize the Popeye’s Chicken phenomenon through the lens of social proof.

For assistance with your marketing, web, social media, and partnering opportunities, contact Robert Gatewood, MBA at 301-839-2836 or robert@gatewoodmba.com. He’s done it for others, and he can help you too!

You can hear the show live on WOL 95.9FM and 1450 AM at http://woldcnews.com,  on TuneIn, and  see it on Facebook LIVE or join the discussion by calling 1-800-450-7876.

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