On Friday May 11th 2018 10:30 am, join the Marketing Pulpit Team of Gatewood, Folasade and Kia Coppedge as they discuss marketing, accounting, debt to wealth, home buying, economic empowerment, real estate, social media, current events, and more.

Guest-Host Kia Coppedge will offer tips on the pathway for getting out of debt and onto the road to wealth. Kia is  will also discuss her upcoming “Homebuying & Debt2Wealth Seminar!” The seminar will take place on May 19th from 11am – 2pm at the Conference Center at BECO Park 4425 Forbes Blvd Lanham MD.  Click here or call (202) 725-9843 to reserve your seat.

Enter “the Money Zone with Folasade,” as she advises on how to adhere with you business and personal tax responsibilities. Tune in on May 19th to hear Folasade. She is CEO of Accounting with Folasade www.accountingwithfolasade.com (240-582-7109).

Special guest Daniel Gatewood discusses his new hit single that’s blowing up the Internet with video that’s going viral. The song, “Mother Gave Me Life” which is performed by Daniel and his brothers, the Gatewood Brothers, is a tribute to the group’s 97-year-old Mother. The song also celebrates the contributions of mothers all over the world. To hear a sample of the song or to download a copy, visit www.mothergavemelife.com

Have you ever wondered “Does social media marketing really work?”  Tune in on Friday as Gatewood’s sermon reveals some recent findings on the effectiveness of social media marketing. You can reach Gatewood at 301-839-2836 or Robert@GatewoodMBA.com

You can hear the show live at http://woldcnews.com or join the discussion by calling 1-800-450-7876.

Listen to show below:


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