On Friday December 1st 2017 10:30 am, join the Marketing Pulpit Team of Robert Gatewood, MBA and Attorney Tisha Hillman as they discuss business topics, current events, business news stories, the law and more.

On today’s show. Attorney Hillman will discuss “Misconduct and the Law”. Attorney Hillman can be reached at www.tshillmanlaw.com or (301) 744-7996.

Special guest Melissa Latson recounts her experience as a victim of domestic violence, and the terrible toll it takes on the victims’ financial stability. She will also discuss a new program created to help victims. Visit her website at www.meldevelopmentcenter.org.

Gatewood will climb onto the Pulpit at 11:15 am to deliver his Marketing Sermon, “How to Put Your New Company in the Social Media Fast Lane!”

For help with your marketing, web and social media needs, Contact Robert Gatewood, MBA at 301-839-2836 or robert@gatewoodmba.com

You can hear the show live at http://woldcnews.com or join the discussion by calling 1-800-450-7876.

Listen to show below:

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