On Friday October 13th 10:30 am, join the Marketing Pulpit Team of Robert Gatewood, MBA  and friends as they discuss business topics, current events, business news stories and more.

 Gatewood teams up with Brothers for Real, to tackle the issues of the day in realest way. On Friday’s show the brothers delve into the topic, “Should You Put Your Job on the Line for a Cause?”  

Joining Gatewood in the studio is William Willis, founder of one of the first Black-owned auto leasing and brokerage companies in the country. Call in with questions & comments at  1-800-450-7876 at 10:30am on Radio-One’s WOL 95.9 FM and 1450 AM.

If you like a good night’s sleep, you’ll sleep even better knowing that the cash registers are ringing after you close your eyes. Tune in to Attorney Nakia Gray on the Marketing Pulpit  at 10:30am as she unlocks the secret to passive income. For more information, visit www.nakiagray.com or call 301-358-3980.

Later in the show Gatewood shares tips on “Context in Social Media Marketing!” Click here to hear the show live, or join the discussion by calling 1-800-450-7876.

Listen to show below:



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