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The Money Zone is a weekly radio show about Money, Business, Accounting, and Tax-Saving Tips. And many other real-life happenings around the globe that involve entrepreneurship. The purpose of “The Money Zone With Folasade” is to inform, educate, and ultimately motivate start-ups and small businesses to succeed. The Money Zone is specifically geared towards helping business owners manage their businesses for success. Identify and prioritize their financial goals, and understand the IRS tax rules and regulations to maximize their bottom line.

And I am proud to announce that we are having a “Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs Program” called “Tax Planning”.

Money Zone with Folasade

How many times have you Googled Tax deductions for Small businesses or Tax advice for entrepreneurs? A lot right?

Let me say this as an entrepreneur you’re able to deduct certain expenses that employees cannot. Better yet the IRS allows you to spend your money before you pay taxes but an employee pay taxes before they get their money!

Do you know that according to the IRS 12.4% of all business returns filed will be audited? Yep.

So what does that mean for you?

That means you may receive that dreadful Tax notice because you’ve used google to get tax advice and help your tax plan.
Do you wonder why the Rich pay less taxes than the poor?

Well, it’s because they use tax planning services of bad ass accountants like myself. So for the first time ever I’m opening the doors to my Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs program. I normally only offer this program to my brick & mortar clients. But I want to help you to never pay too much in taxes ever again. So join me and other successful entrepreneurs pay fewer taxes for a lifetime without ever receiving that dreading tax notice and saving thousands of dollars in taxes every year.

Register now because seats are very limited!

Are you struggling to understand what Tax deductions you’re entitled to claim for your business?
This will no longer exist after 10/11 at 8 pm EST

This program is for Entrepreneurs, Parrelpreneurs, and anyone running a business who wants to learn how to lower their taxes and For the First time ever, I’m releasing my tax planning for entrepreneurs 4-week intensive.


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