Tune in to the Marketing Pulpit with Robert Gatewood, MBA on Friday December 30th along with business efficiency extraordinaire, Sherette Gordon.  The show focuses on business topics, education, inspiration, motivation and more.

Robert Gatewood will climb on the Pulpit and deliver Part II of his Marketing Sermon series, “Are Franchises the Best-Kept Secret for Financial Security in 2017 and Beyond?” Gatewood will also share his “Letter from Baby New Year to Business Owners” You may contact Gatewood at 301-839-2836 or robert@gatewoodmba.com.

Sherette Gordon is CEO Management Made Easy and consulting firm that specializing in optimizing business perform and profitability. She will discuss “Marketing Strategies to Kickoff 2017.” Ms Gordon can be reached by visiting www. mme.systems.

Call 1-800-450-7876 to click here to tune in and/or join in the lively conversations!

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