votes-sales-2If you learned nothing else from the political conventions this summer, you should have learned that marketing for votes is no different from marketing for sales. You should have learned that getting voters is not different than getting customers.

Join Robert Gatewood and crew on  July 29th as they discuss, marketing, business development, job creation, and news topics of the day. Gatewood’s Marketing Sermon includes “Marketing Lessons Learned from the Political Conventions.” He draws parallels between getting elected to a higher office, and taking your business to a higher level.

10419014_10203992619071198_2641979041410503510_nThe Marketing Pulpit also welcomes special guest Endea Thibodeaux to discuss the future of solar energy. Ms. Thibodeaux, a representative of Solar City, provides insight on how solar power is just the latest environmentally responsible development. Ms. Thibodeaux can be reached at 240-381-6653 or

Call 1-800-450-7876 to join the discussion.

To hear the show go to the console below. .

(Guest interview begins at 17:10; Gatewood Marketing Sermon at 28:25)

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