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Do numbers lie? Is the sun hot? If you’ve been watching TV lately, you’ve seen talking heads go after each other with increasing fervor. Without failure, one if not both egg heads, will whip out some data to support his/her position, followed by the expression that, ‘numbers don’t lie.”

Join Gatewood and Alena7 on Friday July 15th at 10:30 am as they discuss, marketing, business development, job creation, and the news topics of the day, Alena7’s fitness tips, and Robert Gatewood’s legendary Marketing Sermon. Todays topic is “8 Ways That Numbers DO Lie!”

Rounding out the show is accounting and tax expert, Folasade Ayegbusi, who will bring advice on how to keep your business in the black and out of the IRS office

Click here to tune in or call 1-800-450-7876 to join the discussion.

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