Gatewood, Sherette and Alena7 in Studio

Join Gatewood and the Marketing Pulpit team on Friday June 24th at 10:30 am as they bring you an exciting show. Gatewood reminds all business owners that the year is at the halfway mark, and  whether you are ahead of your competitors, tied with them, or if you have fallen behind, you must go into the second half with a strategy if you plan to win

Gatewood will offer “12 Marketing Strategies for the Second Half” in his typical entertaining, no-holds-barred fashion. Also on the show is Alena7 who will bring fitness tips to keep your body in shape as you run the business race.

Rounding out the show is guest host and  business efficiency expert, Sherette Gordon, CEO of Management Made Easy.  She bring  business operations tips that are tailored to assist small business owners.

Click here to tune in or call 1-800-450-7876 to join the discussion.

Listen to the show below:

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