ADVERTISEAPHOBIA6 5 years ago, Marketing Pulpit founder , Robert Gatewood, set out to solve one of the perplexing mysteries of the business universe, i.e., “Why Companies Go Into Business,  Refuse to Promote the Business, and Then Wonder Why The Business Failed.” Gatewood, no stranger to taking on difficult challenges, donned his white coat, hunkered down in his lab and concocted a ground-breaking discovery.

On Friday March 13th 2015, Gatewood revealed his findings during his famous “Marketing Sermon.”  Click on the console below to bear witness to this  development and don’t forget to share it with other business owners who may have been stricken by this affliction.

On Friday March 20th, Gatewood will reveal the answer to another mystery that’s wreaking havoc in the business community, “Why Some Companies Never Get Off the Ground When They Already Have Everything They Need to Get Started.” It’s a sermon you don’t won’t to miss!

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