mom_robert_xmas2008I had my greatest guest ever today on my radio show, the Marketing Pulpit, which broadcasts nationally on Radio-One and Marketing Pulpit International. 

Mrs. Geneva Gatewood, thanks to Leon Gatewood, was a surprise call-in guest to the show to celebrate her 94th birthday. I am still teary-eyed at the gesture.

For many years I always felt that my parents were detached from what I was doing, not due to disinterest, but due to timing, technology, distance and a few other barriers.

Well, never one to let obstacles stand in the way of progress and family, Leon initiated a surprise call to the radio show. It was the best interview in my 5 years of being on the air.

Thanks brother Leon, and HAPPY 94th Birthday Momma, the most beautiful woman in the world!
Hear the interview!

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