host_rg2inIn his July 4th Marketing Sermon, Marketing Pulpit founder, tells the listeners that “it’s never too late to do the right thing.”  He also reminds the listeners that “freedom” provides us the opportunity to do what’s right. Joined by Alena7 and William Maxwell, Gatewood quoted Dr. King in saying  “never be afraid to do what`s right …”  He told the listeners, “whether you are an employer or employee, true freedom will be elusive until your mind is free, and the best way to do that is to do what’s right.”

Gatewood added, “Doing what’s right is not the hard part.  In an age of too much information, what’s hard is knowing the right thing to do.  But once you wade through all the noise and do know what’s right; it’s hard not to do the right thing!”


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