Join us at the next First Friday Focus Networking Group where we tackle the challenges and opportunities facing most businesses, non-profits, employers, contractors and those seeking employment or contracts.

Some of the top minds in the industry dissect challenges and opportunities each month; including but not limited to, social media, web strategy, book publishing, retail distribution, business development and more.

In a comfortable boardroom setting, the participants introduce themselves and give a 2 -3 minute presentation of their company.

We also have a special segment “Calling All Authors” where the authors get chance to present their books and read a passage.
Eventbrite - First Friday - Acting Speaks Louder...

The discussion toggles between the challenge on the table and the opportunities provided by the panelists in the room. In some cases, there is even a skit provided by area students t0 dramatize the challenge. It`s nothing like you`ve ever experienced.

Q. Who wants to get this serious on a Friday night? Shouldn`t we spend our Fridays relaxing and partying?

A. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Besides, there are 3 others Fridays in the month to party.

Q. Who qualifies to be a panelist?

A. Anyone (business owner or not) who is an intelligent, unselfish, deep thinker who is willing to share his knowledge with the group. You never know who`ll be sitting next to you. It could be your next big contract, investor, employer, employee, partner, or a go-between you and the opportunity of a lifetime.


Only the serious need apply, but you won`t know until you try!

Eventbrite - First Friday - Acting Speaks Louder...

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