Episode #32 The Money Zone with Folasade “Special Guest Austin Godsey

money zoneThe Money Zone is a weekly radio show about Money, Business, Accounting, and Tax-Saving Tips and many other real-life happenings around the globe that involve entrepreneurship. The purpose of “The Money Zone With Folasade” is to inform, educate, and ultimately motivate start-ups and small businesses to succeed. The Money Zone is specifically geared towards helping business owners manage their businesses for success, identify and prioritize their financial goals, and understand the IRS tax rules and regulations to maximize their bottom line. Be with us in this week episode to received tips and nuggets in managing your small business. The next episode will be on Thursday at 12 pm ETD on July 27, 2017.

We have a very special guest “Austin Godsey” who is also A serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, and Top Marketing Earner. (more…)