money zoneWelcome to “The Money Zone With Folasade”.  The Money Zone is a weekly radio show about Money, Business, Accounting, and Tax-Saving Tips and many other real-life happenings around the globe that involve entrepreneurship. The purpose of “The Money Zone With Folasade” is to inform, educate, and ultimately motivate start-ups and small businesses to succeed. The Money Zone is specifically geared towards helping business owners manage their businesses for success, identify and prioritize their financial goals, and understand the IRS tax rules and regulations to maximize their bottom line. Join us for this upcoming episode on August 3, 2017, Thursday @ 12 pm EST.

And we have an upcoming live event this August 5, Saturday @ 10 am EST titled:

Master your Books. Master your Profits. No more Broken Businesses

money zone

Bookkeeping and Accounting can really be a blur but keeping accurate and precise financials records is necessary if you ultimately want financial freedom. You will learn how to set up your Quickbooks in a manner where you will see the financial health of your business.

This workshop is intended for current business owners and managers and for anyone thinking about opening a business.


  • 1. Understanding Accounting/Bookkeeping Practices for a Small Business
  • 2. Bookkeeping Basics
  • 3. Your “Bean Team” & Their Roles
  • 4. Accounting Softwares
  • 5. Understanding Financial Statements
  • 6. Key Financial Ratios
  • 7. Problem solving – Case Studies to provide a greater understanding of the topics discussed

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