Played in Full

This book examines how a disparate group of institutions and individuals have coalesced into an unlikely alliance of Players who opportunistically, individually and collectively extract wealth from Blacks.

  • Pathological Incorrigible Malevolent Player (PIMP)
  • Passive Opportunistic Player (POP)
  • Philanthropic Accidental Player (PAP)
  • Positive Enlightened Player (PEP)

The book exposes the one-side relationships the Players use to promote and exploit a mindset of externalism and social proof that pervades the community.

It’s a handbook that provides a host of remedies that can be applied by the community’s stakeholders in order to mend the sieve that is the pocketbook of Black America.

Gatewood, the Author of  “Played In Full,” discusses his book during an appearance on the Joe Madison Show.


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Smarter than the Boss

What happens when you have to report your comings-and-goings to someone younger than you, less technologically savvy than you, less experience than you, less credentialed than you? What do you do when you have a supervisor who, in spite of all of his/her excellent qualities, is not as good as you are at what you do? What do you do when you feel you are smarter than the boss? What if you ARE the boss?

This book is a compilation of essays to guide and inspire employees, employers and the self-employed as they navigate real-life challenges associated with life on and off the job.


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