20-Point Marketing Checkup

  1. Are you targeting right customer
  2. Do you offer the right product services based on your customers’ needs
  3. Are your products/services priced according to cost, competition and customers’ willingness to buy
  4. Are your using the most effective distribution channels
  5. Are you advertising where you customers can find you
  6. Are you performing sales follow-up
  7. Are you exceeding your customer’s service expectations
  8. Are you accepting the major payment channel, cc, paypal, square, cashapp, etc.
  9. Do you have at least one referral system in place that’s sending you clients
  10. Are you networking to build stakeholder relationships, vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners
  11. Is your company in good standing with the laws, compliances and certifications for your industry
  12. Are you filing your taxes, keeping an eye on your profit and loss
  13. Are you adequately paying your staff, contractors, yourself
  14. Are you effectively using technology to increase sales, distribution and productivity
  15. Do you have access to your company’s domain and hosting accounts
  16. Is your website encrypted with an SSL certificate, is it Google and mobile-friendly
  17. Do you have an exit strategy and/or a plan for what happens if you are unable to continue in the business
  18. Are you practicing good business ethics, fairness, environmental friendliness
  19. Are you giving back, mentoring, training a new generation of entrepreneurs
  20. Are you taking care of your physical health, walking, exercising, drinking water, etc.