Marketing Pulpit International is one of the most effective membership organizations on the market. Whether you are a member of a group already or not, you too can be part of a movement to make your membership pay you.   Founder, Robert Gatewood MBA, is a hands-on marketing expert who understands what it takes to get customers, donors, volunteers and other stakeholders for the growth and survival of your organization.

As a member, you receive  tools that are necessary in the marketing and development of your business.  Included in your package are the items below.  Click on the title for more details.


Ask how we can customize a plan for the specific needs of your organization.

Gold members receive all items listed.  Silver members receive all items that do not include (GOLD).  Silver members can upgrade to Gold Membership at any time for a full credit for the amount paid, which will be deducted from the Gold membership fee.

Get your  membership package and start building your business and creating jobs!

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