Join us at the next First Friday Networking Event where we tackle the challenges and opportunities facing most businesses, non-profits, employers, contractors and those seeking employment or contracts.

Some of the top minds in the industry dissect a challenge and opportunity each month. In a comfortable boardroom setting, the participants introduce themselves and give a 2 -3 minute presentation of their companies.

There is also a forum for up-and-coming authors to present their books and read a passage to the participants in the rooms.

The discussion toggles between the challenge on the table and the opportunities provided by the business owners in the room.

It’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

Q. Who is invited?

A. Anyone (business owner or not) who is an intelligent, unselfish, deep thinker who is willing to share his knowledge with the group. You never know who`ll be sitting next to you. It could be your next big contract, investor, employer, employee, partner, or a go-between you and the opportunity of a lifetime.


Q. Who wants to get this serious on a Friday night? Shouldn’t we spend our Fridays relaxing and partying?

A. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Besides, there are 3 others Fridays in the month to party.

Q. If I’m an author, can I sell my books at the First Friday.

A. Absolutely! At a recent First Friday one of the sponsors bought 10 books from every author. Simply register as a “Sponsoring Author” and we’ll add you and the cover of your book to the program.

Q. This event takes place around dinner time. Will there be food?patti-cobbler

A. Absolutely! Not just food, but GOOD food. Our events have been catered by Honest Gourmet Caterers, Too Sweet Brownies, Cluck-U Chicken, Phyllis Sweetly’s, and other great caterers. We also provide, Wine and Cheese Tastings, as well as the now famous  “Patti Party,” featuring genuine pies and desserts by Patti LaBelle, purchased from the local Walmart. At one First Friday we actually serveded 4 Patti Sweet Potato Pies, and at another event we served both the delicious Patti peach cobbler and the Patti blueberry cobbler. Needless to say, there were no leftovers … yum yum.

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