Anthony-GriggsAnthony Griggs, former 7 year NFL Player(82-88) of Philadelphia Eagles(82-85) and the Cleveland Browns(86-88), and President of AG Squared Networks, Inc. will be hosting his weekly BlogTalk Radio show, ’Game Planning for your business’ success by Marketing Pulpit International, each Thursday, at 10:30 AM EST.

Anthony brings a very unique perspective to the show… as a former player, coach, and Director of Player Development (Steelers, 92-05), he is fast becoming a distinctive “top performance” consultant for sports, life, and business. His extensive background and experiences provide him with the ideal mix of unique insights as a player, parent, and coach/administrator.

Business involves strategic planning for goals and to maintaining security.  As Sports has shown, the successful teams are the ones that have an effective Offensive strategy and Defensive strategy.  The sport of business is shown by your “offense” moving in the direction you want and your “defense” to prevent any setback and delays toward your success. Doing these things keeps you moving towards your goal…to win!

How do you win? What is your win? How do you know if you won in your business?

Be sure not to miss out on the valuable insight and knowledge that he will share.

Game Plan for your business’ success…Listen weekly for business tips and insight into the world of Business and Sports, questions and answers from listeners, guest interviews, and current events.

Remember: “You’re only as good as your last play”. Have you made any plays lately?

Join us in welcoming Anthony (AG) to the Marketing Pulpit family. Don’t forget to bookmark his show and set your alarm for a new dose of the Marketing Pulpit with a Pittsburgh twist. Also call (215) 383-3872 to speak with Anthony on the air.

You can find out more about Anthony on his website.


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