ActionCOACH Eric Linzey

No matter what field you’re in, the principles of coaching remain the same. In that respect, Business Coaching is very similar to sports coaching. In sports, a coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, provides support when they are exhausted and teaches the athlete to execute plays that their competition does not anticipate. A sports coach will make you run more laps and make you worker harder than you would on your own, even when you don’t feel like it. A sports coach will tell it like it is

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Maryland Driving School

Maryland Driving School is a driving school that specializes in classes that are assigned by Maryland MVA and/or the Maryland Court System. We are certified by Maryland MVA, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Administration (ADAA), and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).

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The Institute for Exceptional Children

At The Institute for Exceptional Children, we believe all children are exceptional in numerous ways and we are excited about the difference we make in each child’s life by finding and enhancing their gifts. Every child can be college and career ready. If your child plans to attend an Ivy League institution or chooses to stay close to home and work in trades; we provide support to help achieve that goal.

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