Final Pitch TV

Final Pitch is a sharktank-like TV show produced by Kelly Communications. Gatewood is the host of the show which airs in the Washington DC area. The show is a crowd-pleaser and presents pitch demonstrations at a variety of events across the country, including, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Charlotte, Bethesda, DC and other cities.

MPI-DC: Black Friday Madness, 10 Web & Social Holiday Tips, Holiday Health, Maternity Fitness, and More!

Join Robert Gatewood and network on “Black Friday,” November 25th as they discuss, marketing, business development, job creation, and news topics of the day. During his weekly Marketing Sermon, Gatewood provides “10 Web and Social Seasonal Tips.” This week’s guest-host is Alena7 as she provides tips on how to hold the waistline while you are in the holiday shopping line. This week’s special guest is New York Final Pitch TV contestant, Nicole Stone McCain of Maternity Fitness Studio (215-792-3891 She will discuss some of the fitness challenges of expectant