The Straight A Family
Two high school juniors sitting side by side have the same classes, social circles, interests and academic abilities. What makes one student a candidate for a full scholarship to one of the top 100 Universities in the country and the other on the verge of failing the 11th grade? This book reveals the secret!
About the Book

drangelaAccording to author, Dr. Angela Barrens Alexander, “all children have their own set of strengths and weaknesses and every child is exceptional in their own right. It is finding their strengths, gifts and passions while supporting their challenges and providing overall guidance for a child to reach their full potential. A student’s academic success often depends on properly identifying their learning style, interests and providing the necessary academic and parental support that will help them excel.”

Your child’s success DOES NOT depend on standardized test scores NOR past grades. Any child’s academic situation can be improved when you take appropriate action! To order, click here!