Marketing Pulpit ® International (MPI) is an organization committed to helping communities prosper by developing businesses, creating jobs, and building sustainable economic empowerment.


There is overwhelming evidence that the number of start-up businesses are more than sufficient for the communities they serve. Unfortunately, most businesses in the community are one-person operations that never grow to the point to where they can hire.  If we can engage the various stakeholders in the community, we can recycle the resources and effectuate a healthy economic chain.  With that understanding, we have as one of our goals “the marketing and development of the existing businesses into hiring-level operations.”

In order to accomplish this goal we utilize the following systems and tools:

  • Marketing and Communication
  • Education and Training
  • Networking and Referrals
  • Partnering and Collaboration
  • Stakeholder Relations and Service
  • Health and Wellness
  • Literacy in Economics
  • Advocacy and Community Involvement

cyn-gatewood-tammyUnderstanding that we live in a global economy, we view our extended community as any person or organization that supports our organizations and/or hires its residents.  That person or business could be black or white, straight or gay, Wall Street or Main Street,  US or abroad, Christian or Muslim. When it comes to uplifting our community, we accept all comers, as long as they come in the spirit of genuine reciprocity.

Our community does not suffer from a lack resources; rather, it suffers from the improper channeling of the vast resources that flow through the community. We challenge  institutions that, through symbiotic one-sided relationships, siphon wealth from the community through illegal as well as “legal” means.  Exorbitant and predatory banking fees, the excessive monetization of the criminal justice system, abusive privatization of social institutions, monopolization of media by corporate oligarchs, and unscrupulous, opportunistic “leaders” are just a few examples of how, when left unchecked, predators have usurped the system and diverted many of the funds that are needed for the sustaining of successful community businesses.

By joining us in our efforts, your organization will be rewarded with customers, sales and profits.  We make this happen by offering FREE radio shows, networking opportunities, business directories, as well as membership plans and business development classes that keep your organization connected to the economic chain as well as provide tangible business development tools that are proven to aid in the growth and development of your organization.

rtg-signageWe don’t peddle “pie in the sky,” instead, we abide by the principle of “primum non nocere,” (first do no harm). In other words, when dealing with business owners whose dreams often dwarf their budgets, it’s often advisable for them to hang onto their scant funds and wait on the right opportunity rather than gamble their money on risky, ill-advised adventures.  We provide the solid advice, the proven tools, and the time-tested resources to get it done. And we are more than happy to roll up our sleeves and join business owners in their pursuit of realistic goals and viable opportunities.

We believe that a ‘rising tide lifts all boats.’ We also believe that in order for your boat to rise, first you need a sea-ready vessel. MPI unlocks a sea of prosperity for those who have “boats,” and for those who do not have a “boat,” we provide the passage to ownership.  As the tides of good fortune come in, we aspire to ultimately transition our community from one of consumers to a community of producers. That would be the manifestation of our mission of “developing businesses, creating jobs, and building sustainable economic empowerment. “

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